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Rune Shamanism Norse God Odin

Rune Shamanism Odin Part 3

To be a powerful Rune Shaman, you need powerful tools. In this 21st Century the most powerful tool we have is our MIND.

The Laws of Quantum Physics, Mental Radionics, Attraction and Resonant Frequencies can all be used as good tools, if consciously controlled by your mind.

We are told that thoughts are things. We do not think in words, or hold words in our minds eye; we hold images and symbols.

Therefore, to use the 21st Century tools and become a powerful Rune Shaman you need clear, strong, precise images in your mental tool box.

Every day in your apprenticeship period you should be breathing in each of the Runes and creating strong precise images of their symbols in your mind.

Since the Runes are connected to the Pantheon of Norse Gods/Goddesses, you should have clear definitions in your mind of who they are and what they do. Also clear images of what they look like as well.

Visualizing on my Northern Mountain top, on my ledge overlooking all the worlds, I have the Northern Gods/Goddesses present. I hold them there because of the strong, clear images of them I keep in my mind's eye.

Here's how I percieve Odin. He is the All-Father, and most powerful of all the Norse Gods. I picture him sitting on his throne, on the North side of my ledge.

Odin is the God of Wisdom, Magic and Runes. He is the archetypal magician who Tolkein, in his Lord of the Rings used to portray Gandolf. The element associated with Odin is air.

I invoke Odin for Wisdom, Healing, Victory, Occult Power, Sorcery and Writing, as he is also Odrahar, the god of Inspiration.

His spear Gungnir never misses it's target when thrown in battle over the heads of the enemy it scares them out of formation. The shaft has Odin's Runes etched on it.

Odin's magical animals are Slepnier, the eight legged flying horse. The ravens Hugnin, thought and Munin, memory. And his wolves Geri, greed, and Freki, lust.

The magical number I use when invoking Odin is nine. He spent nine days and nine nights hanging upside down on the Yggdrasil Tree, the mighty Ash or World tree. This is the price he paid to re-discover the Runes.

The Runes are Universal Creative Energies and they existed long before either Odin or the Vikings.

Odin appears to us in three forms, the warrior, shaman and the wanderer.

The Runes associated with Odin are: Ansuz (Os) Wunjo and Othila.

As a shaman, Odin sacrificed his eye in the Well of Mimir, for knowledge. At the Well of Mimir he was taught how to use the Runes.

Odin, the wanderer can be seen traveling around Midgard in his long blue, hooded cape, with floppy hat and long staff.

You can go out on the net and gather as much information about Odin as you wish. The more you know about him and understand him, the stronger wil be the resonant frequency link you build to him.

Here is how I picture Odin on my ledge. He is sitting on his dragon headed throne. He has his royal blue robe draped around his naked body. He holds his spear Gungnir in his right hand leaning against his right shoulder. The ravens Hugnin and Munnin are pearched on his shoulders. The wolves Geri and Freki lie at his feet.

The more knowledge and the clearer image you have in your mind of Odin, the more you will be able to use him in your Shamanic rituals. Take your image and see it in your minds eye daily.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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